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General Questions

/01How is this being shared to Churches and Pastors?

We are working with UMC conference communicators, district communicators, and UM Communication to continue spreading the message of availability.

/02Will existing ministries and programs continue to be supported?

All of the UMM existing ministries are being evaluated for their application and cohesion with our Wesleyan tradition focused on discipleship. We plan to retain the products which meet those standards and remain relevant and in-demand by local churches.

/03How is this ministry affected by the UMC split?

Not affected. However, we do expect a percentage of our currently chartered churches to fall away when those churches disaffiliate from the UMC. GCUMM remains unchanged. In fact, the United Platform is Wesleyan in its foundation and would be available for disaffiliated churches to purchase.

/04Should individual men to purchase the kit or can a church purchase it?

We encourage the church to purchase the kit and the subscription. However, a leader or organizer will likely be the catalyst to purchase the subscription and provide the direction to the church.

/05How long will the kit be available to purchase?

The kit is a part of the platform and will be shipped to each subscriber to get them started. The subscription then renews annually. More supplies will be available in our store should you need them.

/06It appears that the moniker has been changed to Men, Ministry, Mission. What happened to United Methodist Men?

“United Methodist Men” (UMM) is an integral identifier within the UMC Book of Discipline. UMM is not a program, rather, it’s a person or group of persons. The agency “General Commission on United Methodist Men” was created to serve every single man who belongs or aligns with the United Methodist Church. UMM doesn't disappear. UNITED is a program designed to serve those men who are United Methodist - and beyond.

/07Is the $180 charge - a one time charge?

The $180 charge is an annual subscription. This provides your church with a starter kit and one year of access. It equates to about $12 per month for ongoing support, coaching, access, and special items.

/08As a chartered UMM chapter, are we automatically subscribed to this Platform?

No. Charters are a separate program offered by GCUMM. The United Men’s Ministry platform is a new ministry product. 

/09Will the apps only be available as part of the yearly subscription?

The apps are separate of the United Men’s Ministry platform. They can be downloaded without a connection to GCUMM. However, the United platform will feature coaching and resources to help churches best utilize the apps for ministry.

/10I'm a UMC church, does this platform replace UMM charters?

No it does not replace the UMM charter. United Men’s Ministry is a new initiative of GCUMM and does not replace the traditional chartering program. They are two different products offered by GCUMM.  If you wish to change to the new platform, you may subscribe anytime you wish, or wait until your charter comes up for renewal and subscribe to the new platform - it is your choice based on the desire of your church. 

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